In this never ending quest for quality service, we Kamalsons dedicate ourselves to exceed expectations at all levels & at all times.


The total staff strength of our Organization is – 315 employees, which includes a panel of I.T.Experts, Supply Chain consultants, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, and Hardware Professionals. We execute our tasks through a General Manager, who in turn has, for each Company handled by us, a team of Managers, Computer Operators, and Store Keepers. Further splitting of the Organization charts is as per the directives of the Company concerned.

We have an extremely dedicated staff, some of its members being attached to the Organization for as long back as 25-30 years.

We have a system of “FLOATS”. These are a group of 4 staff members who are not assigned to any specific Company or function. They are trained on all computer softwares of each Company handled by us. They are also trained on each and every aspect of warehouse management, again, for each company handled by us. In case of a sudden absence of any staff member assigned to a particular Company, the Float immediately takes charge, so that the work of the company does not suffer.

The staff gives full regard to the missions, visions, and policy guidelines drafted by Kamalsons, and also those individually of our clients.

We have adequate arrangements to ensure a 24-hour work discipline in our warehouse during critical days.

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