In this never ending quest for quality service, we Kamalsons dedicate ourselves to exceed expectations at all levels & at all times.

Our area of operation covers entire India as far as Central Stock Point functions are concerned. In the capacity of C&F Agent, we are covering all classes of towns (Class I-VI) as per the census of 2001. In effect, even the smallest villages of the states where we operate as C&F Agent come under our area of operation. We are effecting deliveries to the various stations within 24 to 36 hours of dispatch even to smallest and farthest corner of the States.

We have also contracted with various transporters for part loads. We monitor the efforts of such transporters on an hour-to-hour basis, and ensure prompt deliveries. We have self-owned 9 delivery vans which assist us in dispatching stocks from our warehouse to the transporters’ warehouses, as well as for local deliveries.

75 Self owned Trucks.
8 Truck supply agencies.
Handling dispatch of nearly 1000 trucks per month.
30 Self owned vans for local deliveries.
Sub-contracts with effective transport agencies for part loads.
Hourly monitoring of transport efforts.
All towns (class I-VI) catered for CFA functions.
Extremely Cost Effective & Efficient.
Road Safety norms incorporated in transportation mechanism.
Synergy in transportation. Clubbing of 3-4 company stocks for speed enhancement & cost effectiveness.
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